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You're Invited: A 30th Anniversary Party for "Reading Rainbow"

LeVar Burton will read you a story -- yay! -- at the Original Farmers Market.



    You're Invited: A 30th Anniversary Party for "Reading Rainbow"
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    Actor LeVar Burton

    If you get a pretty significant lump in your throat when you read the lyrics "I can go aaaaanywhere!" or "I can be aaaaanything!" then you very clearly and very luckily grew up watching "Reading Rainbow" on public television.

    And a lot of us were very lucky, since the literacy-promoting series ran for nearly a quarter century. It first cracked the cover on wonderful stories back in 1983 and wrapped up only a few years ago, just shy of its 25th.

    Now it is celebrating its 30th anniversary, with, wait for it, "Reading Rainbow" buffs, a very special storytime date. Actually, please sit down, if you're not already, because we want you to be prepared: LeVar Burton is the host for the anniversary party. Not only will Mr. Burton appear at Dylan's Candy Bar at the Original Farmers Market to celebrate his beloved series, but he's going to read a story there, too.

    There are no italics in the world strong enough for that last statement. Right? Aren't you glad you sat down first?

    This is happening at noon on Friday, June 14, which means you have time to time travel back and tell your younger self that you'll be there, in person, with LeVar Burton, at the "Reading Rainbow" birthday party, and he will tell a tale to you, in person.

    Your younger self will totally not believe you grew up to do such cool things. (But it is worth time-traveling back to impress younger you, nonetheless.)

    We're just hoping that all of the grown-ups who loved this seminal series gather around, cross-legged on the floor, for storytime, in a circle around Mr. Burton. Because we're all still those story-loving kids inside, right?

    It's best not to be too nostalgic, of course. Modern times have brought fresh "Reading Rainbow" experiences, like an app, so yay to that.

    And will you know the words to the theme song by heart? Of course you do. And we're wishing that it stays in your head the rest of the day (as it will ours). It's that good.

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