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Zoo Canoodle: Grown-up Valentine's Fun

"Sex and the City Zoo" gives grown-ups a chance to learn more about birds, bees.



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    Jamie Pham
    "Sex and the City Zoo" gives grown-ups a chance to learn more about birds, bees. The for-adults soiree is at the LA Zoo on Saturday, Feb. 11.

    While we humans have a host of words for makin' romance — "hanky-panky" is used in some quarters, and "canoodling" in others, and "dalliance" has its devotees — our friends in the animal world don't get caught up in our definitions.

    Rather, they just live and let... love. Animal parks and preserves and zoo frequently spend part of February spotlighting the facts of furry (and scaly and feathery) flirtation, and they almost always invite their adult fans along for the fact-filled, learn-something-cool ride.

    The Los Angeles Zoo has a tradition of exploring critter courtship, and it will again, on Saturday, Feb. 11, during "Sex and the City Zoo." It's for the 21-and-over set, and is described as a "lighthearted affair" complete with vinos, snacks, and frank, here's-how-it-all-works chitchat.

    So, no, you won't have to dig out your biology textbooks from way back, but you'll want to arrive with a heart, and mind, that's open to science-scintillating stories of how are beastie friends... make more of our beastie friends.

    It's an evening, right-around-sunset soiree — 5 to 7 p.m. is the time — and there's an add-on dinner after the fun, should you want to stay, sup, and go over all of the fabulous, no-need-to-blush-about-it info with your date.

    If you stick solely with "Sex and the City Zoo," here's what to expect: A wine-and-bites reception for the first hour, with some keeper talks and cute cameos by small animals. Then the "Fool for Love" presentation begins at 6. Sandy Masao of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association will look at "...animal dating, mating, and cohabitating..." and there shall be a Q&A element, too. So don't be shy, and say goodbye to the giggles: Just ask.

    Tickets are $40 each. If you want to do both "Sex and the City Zoo" and the five-course dinner (complete with wine pairings), the whole ticket comes to $140. 

    And if you want to know how our hoof-rocking, fur-bearing buds approach what we humans have about a thousand different words for (or seemingly so), here's your moment to brush up on everything animal amour.

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