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dineLA Is Here: Hello, 300+ Eat-Out Deals

Two weeks and dozens and dozens and dozens of places to dine and save.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    dineLA? It's about 300+ restaurants offering prix fixe specials for two weeks. Get the list and get eating-out, Angelenos.

    There was a blog trend a few years back that involved a blogger doing X amount of things over X amount of days and reporting on each experience in humorous and lively detail.

    The format is still around -- it may be here to stay, thanks to perimeters that are blissfully clear-cut in a noisy internet world -- which means we can hold out hope for some intrepid Angeleno taking on all of the restaurants of dineLA Restaurant Week, a major project indeed.

    dineLA opened on Monday, July 14 and runs through Sunday, July 27.

    But how long would it take a food-obsessed blogger to eat a meal at every one of the participating eateries? There are over three hundred in all, meaning that the writer would need to eat every lunch and a dinner out, each day of dineLA, for roughly the next dozen dineLA events over the next several years.

    Mega stuff on the meal front, for sure.

    But until a blogger with such a wide-ranging appetite comes along, we lovers of supper savings can make a go of eating a several dineLA restaurants ourselves. Every restaurant on the list, from West Hollywood's RivaBella to Santa Monica's Farmshop to Culver City's AKASHA, is offering prix fixe meals that range in the $15-$25 range for lunch, roughly, while dinner clocks in at $25 to $45.

    Not every participating restaurant serves both lunch and dinner, note, though many do. Here's the roster, complete with links to the prix fixe menu each spot is offering for the summer 2014 event.

    Might this be the year you start that dreamt-of foodie blog? Where you fully and completely cover all of dineLA over a half dozen years? It's an epic project, one that will zigzag you around town, but it could be done with commitment, a great URL, and a willingness to try a couple hundred places that might be new to you.

    Big-thinking bloggers, the time is nigh (and so very delicious).

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