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Golf Ball Damage Par for the Course at Riverside County Home

A family in Moreno Valley fear for property and safety because of flying golf balls at their home that sits next to a golf course.



    Homeowner Tee'd Off by Stray Balls From Golf Course

    A homeowner is angry about a barrage of golf balls hitting his home in Riverside County. Randy Mac reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015)

    The fear of flying golf balls has a Riverside County family too afraid to venture outdoors.

    The Ramos family bought a home that borders the Moreno Valley Ranch Golf Club in 2013, after falling in love with the gorgeous view of the greens.

    Two years later, they say, incoming golf balls shattered windows constantly and have left them fearful for their safety.

    "We can't even be in our backyard to enjoy the weather, enjoy the view," said adult son Armando Ramos. "We have to constantly worry about getting hit with a golf ball. We can't even have pets. It's a terrifying thing."

    Ramos says the seller never disclosed any danger posed by golf balls. He'd like the golf club to pay the repair bills, which now top $400, but the club has refused.

    "Moreno Valley Ranch Golf Club was built in 1987," General Manager Charlie Kong said in a statement. "Houses surrounding (the club) were built by homebuilders after the course was constructed.

    "While we are sympathetic to any homeowner who may suffer damages from an errant golf ball, the fact is ownership of a home on a golf course comes with just that risk."

    After being turned down by the club, the Ramos family is considering moving.

    "We don't want to move, but if it keeps happening, that's something we have to do," Ramos said.