Buying a TV? Here’s How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

With Super Bowl LI less than two weeks away, big deals on TVs are starting to crop up. But how do you know if you're getting the best bargain?

The thing to keep in mind is the shelf life of new TVs. It's about 1.5 years. Over that time, the price of a TV gets cut in half, so if it was $1,200 in 2015, you can probably get it for $600 today.

But there is a sweet spot about six months in where you can get the best value.

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Here's our cheat sheet:

1. Bigger TVs are exponentially more expensive, so get the right size you need. Here's the formula: Measure how far away you sit from the TV, then divide by two. That's the ideal size for the room you're in. Any bigger and it may not be comfortable to watch.

2. Find a model released in mid-2016. You'll have to search online to figure that initial release date. That also makes sure you're getting proven technology.

3. Want it to last a few years? Think twice about 3-D or curved TVs. You pay a premium and experts say those technologies are quickly on the way out.

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