After Radio Silence, Woman Gets Cash Back From Insurance Company

Alma Gomez bought in when she was pitched life insurance by Transamerica, but when she tried to cancel, she was met with radio silence instead.

After Transamerica's pitch, Gomez decided to also open a savings account with the company, depositing $5,000. However, she quickly had buyer's remorse, so she tried to cancel.

Gomez's attempts went on for weeks, with the company providing no response. Finally, she turned to the NBC4 I-Team for help.

NBC4 reached out to the company, which finally cancelled Gomez's policy and savings account, refunding her $5,600. In a statement, Transamerica didn't explain the delay, simply saying, "Transamerica is dedicated to resolving all customer inquiries and to providing quality care to our customers."

The NBC4 I-Team was there for Gomez, and it can be there for you. If you've got a consumer complaint, feel free to reach out and fill out our form.

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