Does Fast Brite Headlight Cleaner Work? Randy Tries It

Fast Brite claims to bring foggy headlights back to "showroom new," so we tested it

You may have seen the infomercial: cloudy headlights turned brand-spanking new with a product called Fast Brite.

The lens restore kit company claims to bring headlights back to "showroom new in as little as 30 seconds."

Hold on a second. "Showroom new?" We got a guy for this.

Ben Forat runs studio city hand car wash.

Teresa Frankfurth, who's in town visiting from Montana where there are cloudy skies and cloudy headlights, agreed to let us try out Fast Brite on one of her headlights and Forat's team to professionally restore the other light.

"I'm curious to see if it really works. It if does, we'll use it in our facilities because it'll make our lives easier," Forat said about Fast Brite.

The car wash team gets to work and we follow directions. After the final wipe-down, Frankfurth's verdict?

"It's about the same but I think the right side's better," she said. The right side is the car wash team's side.

OK, we're going to need another car maybe with cloudier lights.

Luckily Kara Bertok showed up and her headlights can use it.

For us, applying Fast Brite was definitely more labor intensive than 30 seconds. It took us about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

I think I owe Forat coffee.

Our side is clean, and it's clearer than it was, but it's not even close to Forat's side. That looks brand new.

We give the final say to Bertok, first Fast Brite.

"That definitely looks way better," she said.

Still, she agrees the car wash's side looks better. Bu t says now she's a Fast Brite fan.

"If I'm just doing this at home, that's super easy for me to do," she said. "It still looks a lot better than it did."

Fast Brite told the I-Team, "we are thrilled you found a noticeable difference when using Fast Brite."

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