How to Protect Google Accounts From Latest Cyber Attack

The purpose of Gooligan hacks is promoting apps, not stealing information, a Google official says

A top security company warns about a new cyber attack that is infecting about 13,000 mobile devices every day.

So far this hack has taken control of over 1 million Google accounts since August.

Downloading apps and opening unknown email that contains malware is what allows hackers to take over your Google account.

The most recent malware attack campaign for Google account holders is known as Gooligan. Tech analysts say it's the largest breach of Google accounts to date, with more than a million accounts compromised.

The Gooligan hack primarily infects older Android phones, which still account for about 74 percent of the market.

The problem is caused by malware often hidden in free apps, which entice people to download them rather than paying fees to use Google Play apps that are considered more secure. The malware can also infect your account by clicking on links to apps in e-mail messages, known as phishing.

Once the app is downloaded it can access all your Google accounts, bombarding you with advertising and increasing the rank of other legitimate games on Google Play.

The director of security for Google says the purpose of Gooligan hacks is promoting apps, not stealing information.

So how do you protect your Google accounts?

First, make sure you have the latest operating software from Google.

You can also reinstall your operating software. If you don't know how to do that, take your phone or tablet to a retailer that sells Androids and a technician should be able to help you.

You can also check your device by going to and entering the email address associated with your Android.

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