IKEA Recalls Deadly Dressers, But Are They Doing Enough?

Two years ago, IKEA recalled millions of dressers because the dressers could tip over and crush young children. Now, four safety groups say IKEA has not done enough to remove the recalled dressers from consumers homes, posing a safety risk for everyone, especially young children.

Curren Collas, 2, was found crushed under an IKEA dresser by his mother. 

"I didn't see him anywhere," his mother said. "I went over and kind of pulled everything apart and I saw the top of his little head trapped between the dresser and the edge of the bed."

Curren was killed as a result of being crushed by his dresser. 

Camden Ellis, also 2, was also killed in an eeirly similar situation. 

"He was under the dresser trying to gasp for air," said his mother. "He was unable to breathe, unable to scream while we were in the room next to him."

Curren and Camden are two of the eight children killed by toppling IKEA furniture since 1989.

IKEA announced a voluntary recall of the dressers due to a serious tip-over hazard after the 2016 death of toddler Teddy McGee. However, safety groups are saying that that is not enough. 

"There just has not been enough effort by IKEA to make sure that people understand or know that the product was fully recalled," said Nancy Cowles of the safety group Kids In Danger. "They need to spend the same marketing know-how and dollars they use to sell products to get these products out of homes." 

IKEA did re-announce its recall of the dressers in question in November 2017 — but that was only after another child died.

IKEA released a statement saying it has taken "extraordinary steps" to communicate the recall to its over 13 million consumers. 

However, the retailer of the dresser said they have been sold for more than 30 years and there is no way to determine how many units are still in use. 

"About 175,000 people have gotten the refund, of some 17 million people at least, probably more," Cowles said.  

IKEA has reported 186 tip-over accidents and 91 injuries since the recall. 

If you have an IKEA dresser that is part of the recall, you are eligible for a refund or repair kit. The list of items involved in the recall can be found here. 

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