NBC4 Responds: How to Work Out the Best Gym Membership For You

Here are six tips to make sure your new gym membership "works out." 

  • Tour the gym the time of day you plan on working out to make sure it isn't too crowded
  • Ask for a free trial period, but be careful because many free trial periods automatically turn into full price memberships when the trial ends
  • Ask about discounts or upgrades if you pay for a full year up front
  • Sign up at the end of the month. Gyms may be willing to make a deal if they are trying to hit a monthly quota, but make sure to get your deal in writing 
  • Pay attention to the cancellation rules. Gym memberships are some of the hardest break -- no matter what the circumstance. 
  • Be ready to walk away. If you try to sign up right away and negotiate later, it won't work. 
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