Quick Tips: What to Do When Luggage is Lost or Delayed

TSA is estimating some 25 million people will travel for the Thanksgiving holiday.

That means a lot of checked bags, and a lot of chances of something going wrong. So what happens if your bags are lost or delayed?

That's why some passengers carryon luggage rather than checking it.

This past summer, nearly half a million bags were reported lost or delayed, according to the Department of Transportation.

But if you check bags, and they're lost or delayed, you have rights.

  • For delayed bags, airlines will pay reasonable expenses -- like toiletries and clothing - until you get your bag.
  • For lost bags, airlines will reimburse the depreciated value of your belongings - up to $3,500.
  • If your bags are delayed, be sure to keep all your expense receipts.
  • For both lost and delayed bags, be sure to ask the airline about the deadline to file a claim. And request a refund for your baggage fees.
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