Washing Machine a Rusting Nightmare

When you throw your clothing in the wash, you expect them to come out with the stains removed, but a Fontana man says his washing machine ruined his clothes after rust began to show on his two-year-old appliance and the manufacturer refuses to replace it.

Eddie Macias bought a $600 Samsung washer brand new. Now, it has a rusty red growth spreading across it near the top-loading bleach dispenser.

“All my clothes are getting stained. I can’t even use the machine any more,” Macias says. He’s been going to his mother’s to do his laundry.

“She shakes her head. She tells me all the time, I can't believe it. I can't believe you have to do that.”

He says Samsung calls it a cosmetic problem and says the washing machine is not defective so they won't fix it, leaving him without the ability to get his clothes clean.

“I bought a very expensive eyesore,” he says.

Reviews of the machine online reveal it's happening to others, too.

Consumers reporting the finish "flaking off and ... rusting.” Another says "This machine is rusting badly around the bleach insert ... I am done with Samsung."

Consumer attorney Stuart Talley says if a flaw interferes with the whole reason you bought something, then the product is defective.

“If enough people are complaining about it, it's clear it's a defect on their part,” he says. “If it actually causes problems to his clothes, or damages his clothes in some way, that's not cosmetic.”

Samsung told the I-Team it would send a technician to resolve the problem, but Macias says even the technician found the problem to be Samsung's parts.

The company promised to fix the issue and give Macias a full refund for the amount he paid, but that’s too little too late for Macias, who says he'll never see samsung logo the same way again.

“Disappointed, very disappointed,” he says.

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