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The NBC4 I-Team's hidden camera captures bike thieves in the act


5 Things You Don't Know About Bike Theft

Police say thieves most often target bikes in the summer months



    How to Protect Your Bike

    Lt. Alan Hamilton, with the Los Angeles Police Department, demonstrates the right and wrong ways to secure a bike in the city. He says an insulated u-shaped lock provides maximum security, and has tips for the safest docking places. Raw video posted Aug. 1, 2013. (Published Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013)

    A bike theft ring uncovered by an NBC I-Team investigation that followed the trail of a stolen bike outfitted with a GPS tracking device may have sold thousands of stolen bikes.

    Incidents of thieves picking up bikes are on the rise across Southern California.

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    Here are five things you need to know about bike theft that could protect your wheels – and you:

    • Bike thefts occur most often in the summer. July and August are the worst months for theft.
    • Never leave your bike unlocked, even in a garage or carport. A thief can cut a lock and steal a bike in 16 seconds.
    • Record your bike’s serial number and file a police report, if it’s stolen. Police recover many bikes, but most go unreturned, because the owners did not have the serial number.
    • There is no one type of bike that is most commonly stolen. Thieves equally target cheaper, used bikes as well as expensive models.
    • Any part of a bike that is left unlocked in public can be stolen. Thieves will often steal just the seat or the wheels, if they’re unlocked.

    Source: Los Angeles Police Department, Newport Beach Police Department, Hermosa Beach Police Department

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