10 Businesses Burglarized Within Hours in Popular Shopping Area of Glendale

At least 10 businesses were burglarized within a few hours in Glendale over the weekend.

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A crime spree took place over the weekend in a popular shopping area of Glendale where at least 10 businesses were burglarized within a matter of hours.

Surveillance video inside one of the businesses shows the burglars smash through the front door and begin taking money and any other valuables they could find. The business are all with a few miles of each other and some of them are even right next to each other on Colorado Boulevard.

Owners were left will damages and clean up after glass was shattered and their things were rummaged through.

"I've lived in Glendale my whole life and you don't usually hear this kind of stuff in this city so it's kind of strange that it's happening pretty often and with multiple businesses," said Daniel Skaf, the owner of Rockbird restaurant. "It's unsettling to be honest."

Skaf also said that his business was burglarized in January but that really isn't much for them to take.

Police are still trying to investigate if the spree was a coordinated event with multiple people being involved. At this time they do not have a description of anyone who was involved.

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