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Costa Mesa Police Are Looking for Wildlife Assailant Who Killed Four Ducks

Costa Mesa police are looking for the people responsible for fatally shooting four ducks at a community park.

Muscovy ducks known as Mr. Chipper and Grace are pictured at TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa.
Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center

Authorities are looking for the person who shot and killed four ducks at Costa Mesa's TeWinkle Park.

The ducks were found dead Monday by a frequent visitor to the park. She had last seen them around 7 p.m. on Easter Sunday.

The ducks were found shot and dead by a lake at a park where families and children come and enjoy nature.

This X-Ray shows where this duck named Grace was shot multiple times.

There was one male mallard, two Muscovy ducks known as Mr. Chipper and Grace, and one Pekin duck dubbed Darryl.

The ducks were shot multiple times. Debbie McGuire of the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center is helping police with the investigation to examine the ammunition remains found in the ducks.

"My initial reaction was to wonder how hollow and cruel the mind of the person is who murdered these innocent animals," she said in a statement. "What treacherous thoughts and feelings motivated them? A shudder of fear and sadness ran down my spine."

The WWCC called the shooting of these ducks "senseless" and are committed to assisting police find the people responsible.

Police asked for anyone with information to call investigators at 714-754-5637.

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