Opening Day

Take a Look at the Menu Debuting at Dodger Stadium

Dodger baseball is back with a historical home opener celebrating the stadiums 60th anniversary -- but a real show stopper is the menu.

Senior sous chef standing in front of food

The Boys in Blue are back in Dodger Stadium for a historic home opener celebrating the 60th anniversary of the ballpark.

After not being able to enjoy a game in the stadium, side-by-side, cheering in person for nearly two years due to the pandemic, some 56,000 people are expected to be in attendance Thursday.

One of the best ways to celebrate is with good food. You can't go wrong with a Dodger dog but Dodger Stadium senior sous chef Manny Licardie is bringing some new flavor.

Senior sous chef standing in front of food
Manny Licardie is a proud East LA native bringing the flavor of LA to Dodger Stadium.

"I know it’s the staple, but the dodger dog will always be there," Licardie said.

Licardie is bringing the flavor of LA to Dodger Stadium with dishes fans will enjoy -- and he should know.

He's East LA born and raised.

The menu includes al pastor tacos, a spiral potato, pulled pork sandwich, barbecue platter, and Korean short rib bowl.

"The al pastor tacos it’s the traditional tacos that you can find at any taqueria out on the streets of LA," Licardie said.

Licardie is honored to be able to feed the Dodgers fans coming to the historic stadium.

"Bringing the LA taste to the table is completely different," Licardie said. "It’s mind blowing to me."

The home opener will be one for the books. As the third oldest park in the major league, Dodger Stadium is full of history.

"We're 60 this year," said Janet Marie Smith the LA Dodgers VP of Planning and Development. "We’re not a teenager anymore. We’re all grown up."

The spiral potato is a different take on eating a regular potato.
The Korean short rib bowl includes rice and vegetables for a full bowl.
Al pastor tacos are an LA street food staple.
You'll want to use two hands when eating this pulled pork sandwich.
The BBQ platter has everything all in one.
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