El Dorado Fire, Caused by Gender Reveal Party, Burns 13,592 Acres

The blaze was caused by a smoke device that ignited brush during a gender-reveal family photo shoot Saturday morning at Yucaipa's El Dorado Ranch Park.

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The El Dorado Fire burning in the Yucaipa area has charred 13,592 acres and was 31% contained as of Thursday night.

The blaze was caused by a smoke device that ignited brush during a gender-reveal family photo shoot Saturday morning at Yucaipa's El Dorado Ranch Park, according to Cal Fire investigators.

The fire has forced evacuations, road closures and a forest closure as it chars the region.

Evacuation orders and warnings were lifted Thursday afternoon for the following areas, according to authorities:

For portions of Mentone and Yucaipa, the areas bounded by the following streets remain in an evacuation warning: North of Oak Glen Road, West of Bryant, South of Highway 38 and East of Garnet.

Yucaipa police said that residents in those areas can now return to their homes but to exercise caution as fire crews continue to work in that area.

The following areas remain under evacuation orders:

  • (New / Reduced) for the Yucaipa Area - Areas West of Bryant, North of Carter, East of Jeffreys / Cherry Croft between Carter and Oak Glen Road, then North of Oak Glen Road from Chery Croft to Canyon, then East of Canyon Drive from Oak Glen Road to Wildwood Canyon Drive, and areas North of Wildwood Canyon Drive efrom Canyon Drive to the junction with Oak Glen Road.
  • All residents located east of Bryant street on Highway 38 including Mountain Home, Forest Falls, Angelus Oak, 7 Oaks and Jenks Lake Area East to Onyx Summit. Angelus Oaks / Seven Oaks Residents, You must drive North to Big Bear, CA as Highway 38 is impacted by fire. Rockslides are also being reported along Highway 38 where the fire has loosened rocks.

The following areas under evacuation warning:

  • North of Carter, West of Bryant, South of Highway 38, East of Garnet. Those who require additional time to evacuate, and those with pets and livestock should leave now.
Family members attempted to put out a fire sparked by a smoke machine during a gender reveal party. Tony Shin reported on NBC4 News at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 7, 2020.

To see whether you're in an evacuation order or warning area, click here for an interactive map.

A Red Cross center can be reached at 442-242-0946, and is located at the Redlands East Valley High School, 31000 E. Colton Ave. Redlands.

The following road closures are in effect:

  • Highway 38 is closed between Bryant St. to the south and Lake Williams Dr. to the north
  • Topaz St. is closed at Bryant St. to eastbound traffic
  • Juniper Ave. is closed at Bryant St.
  • Carter St. is closed at Bryant St.
  • Fir is closed at Bryant St.
  • Ivy is closed at Bryant St.
  • Northbound Fremont St. is closed at Oak Glen Rd.
  • Eastbound Oak Glen Road is closed at northbound Cherry Croft
  • Eastbound Oak Glen Road is Closed at Casablanca
  • Oak Glen Rd. is closed at Wildwood Cyn.
  • Pendleton is Closed at Oak Glen Rd.
  • Fremont St is closed at Carter St.

There is a soft closure on Highway 38 at Lake Williams Dr. (south of Big Bear, CA) to warn drivers of the closure at Onyx Summit.

The entire Forest was closed to all public use at 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 7. Please click here for more information.

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