Metro is Increasing Its Rates, and Will Hold a Public Hearing

The changes include the base fee, which is currently $1.75 and could increase to $2.

A view of a Metro K Line station in August 2022.

Commutes for some Los Angeles County residents could become more expensive due to Metro fare changes.

The changes include the basic fee, which is currently $1.75. Rides could cost $2 and transfer tickets would no longer be free. The 1, 7 and 30 day passes would be eliminated.

“This is especially terrible for the Latino community because with covid many were left without work and the cost of living has increased, but not the wages,” said Lorena Fuentes, Metro rider.

According to Metro's announcement, the proposed fare changes are intended to simplify fares, increase fare fairness and improve the customer experience for fare payment on buses and rail.

“We are in a crisis and they magnify it,” said Francisco Caballero. "I don't know how we are ever going to be able to get ahead, if the situation is increasingly pressing on us."

To inform the public about these changes, Metro will offer a virtual forum where users can dialogue with the board of directors. The forum will be at 5 p.m.

People will also be able to express their opinions on what they think regarding the possible changes, which could also include fares for students and the elderly or disabled.

To send your comments, you can do so via email at, with the title (subject): Public Hearing on Metro Fares.

The link for the public hearing can be found by clicking here.

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