World Record

Senior Skydivers Attempt to Set New World Record

A group of senior skydivers all over the age of 60 are attempting to set the new world record by creating a giant free fall formation.

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A group of 100 senior Skydivers Over Sixty in Perris will attempt to set a new world record by creating a giant free fall formation. The group will be falling from 18,000 feet feet high and will exceed speeds of 120 mph.

The skydivers are from all of the world and from all walks of life ranging from 60-years-old all the way to 78-years-old. The group is not only comprised of professional skydivers but includes people from all walks of life.

They seniors cover a wide variety of former occupations including physicians, nurses, teachers, pilots, accountants, and so much more. Most of the participants are retired but they are still active.

In order to achieve the record the skydivers will simultaneously fall from five different planes join hands and legs in a specific and predetermined order.

The group will have less than 60 seconds to 150-foot diameter snowflake-like figure before they each prepare to open their parachutes safely and land.

The current record was set back in 2018 when 75 people connected in Illinois.

Between all the skydivers participating they have a total of 732,000 skydives, an average of 6,900 jumps per person.

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