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Space shuttle Endeavour to go vertical once again for new installation

The Go for Stack project begins July 20 and marks the start of a process to make Endeavour a vertical display

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What to Know

  • This will be the world’s first display of an authentic space shuttle system
  • The project will begin on July 20 to commemorate Space Exploration Day
  • Dec. 31 is the last day to see the space shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center until the new air and space center opens

Los Angeles, we have liftoff.

The California Science center begins its expedition with a new 20-story tall installation. The display will feature an authentic "ready-to-launch" space shuttle system that will include orbiter Endeavour.

The "Go for Stack" installation will be the first of its kind outside of an actual space launch in a NASA facility. It will feature the space shuttle Endeavour, which is one of three remaining flown space shuttle orbitersl and ET-49, the last remaining space shuttle external tank.

Aft skirts that will be used as the base for the Go for Stack project courtesy of California Science Center

The project will begin with two aft skirts that will serve as the base of the solid rocket boosters. Next would be to stack the rocket boosters, external tank ET-49 and finally Endeavour.

Cranes will be used to move the large pieces on top of one another and erect Endeavour vertically. Every piece will be moved at the center of what’s to be the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center in Exposition Park.

Schematic drawing of Endeavour lift courtesy of California Science Center

This will be the first time Endeavour is moved since it was brought to the California Science Center back in 2012, and won’t be back on display until the air and space center opens. The center is expected to open in 2025, and the last day to see Endeavour at the California Science Center will be on Dec. 31, 2023.

"We are grateful to be at this point in the construction of the new Air and Space Center and thrilled to start Go for Stack on July 20 to commemorate Space Exploration Day," Jeff Rudolph, president and CEO of the California Science Center, said in a statement.

The space and air center is part of the third phase the California Science Center’s three-decade plan to develop one of the world’s leading science learning centers. It will add 200,000 square feet and 100 new educational exhibits revolving around space expeditions.

"Endeavour will be the star attraction of the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center, a launchpad for creativity and innovation that will inspire future generations of scientists, engineers and explorers," Rudolph said.

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