100 Years: Ojai's Big Birthday

The art-minded, Pink-Moment'd village throws a Centennial Picnic.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES... don't always have to be about pointed paper hats and streamers and balloons and pin-the-tail games. They should reflect the birthday haver, and the birthday haver's character and interests, which means that if the birthday haver loves opera, then opera should be a theme, or comic books, or dancing, or baseball. What to do though when a whole town is having a birthday, and, to top it all off, in grand style, that birthday is a symbolically important one? Well, again, look to the character of the birthday haver, and plan from there. It is...

OJAI... we're referring to here, and the Ventura County burg is marking its first official century in early April. And because this is Ojai, a place famous for very fine days, and spectacular vistas, and perfect mountains, and the nightly Pink Moment, you can expect that the party will very much reflect the city. Ojai is, in fact, throwing a picnic for its 100th birthday, a...

CENTENNIAL JUBILEE PICNIC: An outdoor get-together feels authentically Ojai, yes? Especially a picnic happening during Ojai Pixie Month (spoiler alert: It's April), and especially a picnic happening on a beautiful Saturday. The date is Saturday, April 8, the place is beloved Libbey Park (long a hub for the town's outdoorsy doings), and live tunes and vintage cars'll be out for lookie-loo-ing. This is a BYOP kind of thing, so pack your picnic, and come prepared to raise a lemonade to Ojai's first century. It's a century that's been filled with good dining, and writerly residents, and bucolic pursuits, and, yes, so much citrus. Do you adore Ojai? There's a 100th birthday picnic in your immediate future.

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