11/11/11 Will Be Extremely Tufnelian

Spinal Tap fans are looking a year ahead.

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When did you start hearing about 10/10/10 events/myths/rumors?

Yeah. It was probably late September for most people. And some of those most people were probably like, "well, okay, that's sort of an interesting configuration of numbers on a single date." And then they went about shopping or paying the gas bill or reorganizing the fruit drawer or what have you.

Then you have Spinal Tap fans, who are actually looking at the next odd date over a full year before its arrival. That date? You know what it is. It's 11/11/11, it is being hailed around Facebook and internet-elsewheres as "Nigel Tufnel Day," and if you've seen the movie -- strike that -- if you've only seen clips from the 1984 rockufauxmentary "This Is Spinal Tap," you know why Tappers are landing on this particular date.

Because it does, indeed, go up to 11.

If you want to rehearse that mondo celebration early, 11/11/10 is just days away. It's not nearly as fierce as the date to follow in a year, seeing as how it lacks an 11, but figure that even Tap needed rehearsals from time to time. (The question, of course, is did they spend time rehearsing, or talking about the nature of rehearsing.)

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