13 Alleged Hitmen Busted, 12 Headless Bodies Found

Police in Mexico have their hands full after a 13 alleged hitmen were taken into custody and a dozen decapitated bodies were found.

The suspects believed to be hit men are allegedly linked to a deadly Mexican drug cartel. They were arrested over the weekend by the Mexican Army in an exclusive suburb in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey. 
A military convoy was tipped off about a group of armed men inside a luxury SUV. The soldiers then drove to the location and found the armed men, arresting them after a short high-speed chase.
Investigators said they found marijuana, cocaine, pistols, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and fake police uniforms in the vehicle with the men.

Elsewhere, Mexican authorities are trying to identify 12 men found decapitated over the weekend. Authorities in southern Mexico said some of the dead are believed to be soldiers.
The bodies were found along a busy city street.
Mexico has seen a rising wave of drug-related violence in 2008. Officials estimate that more than 5,300 people have died in crime-related slayings so far this year.

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