180+ Restaurants: San Diego Restaurant Week

You love the beer, the bacon, and the Sriracha. How about the city's wider restaurant scene?


FOCUSED FOODSTUFFS: If we were to be honest, and we want to be completely transparent, when it comes to San Diego's impressive ability to best other cities when it comes to the dining and drinking scene, we'd say this: If you're going to do a focused event, be it on bacon or IPAs or spirits or Sriracha, finding a spot to do so in America's Finest City is not a bad bet. Why? Well, past practice: San Diego hosts many successful spectaculars that hone in on a single category, with aplomb. Sure, other places to it, too, but San Diego has an uncanny way of pairing its weekend-long foodie parties with top-ranked placements on top ten lists. (Any roster of great beer towns around the country is likely to have San Diego's suds scene somewhere in the top three.) Same goes for bacon, and even condiments like Sriracha, which is getting its September moment in the San Diego sun. Next up? A large-scale, six-day Restaurant Week that's rounding up 180-plus restaurants. We love that "-plus" bit, of course, but the 180? Yeah, no gussying up of that number is required, as getting to 180 places over six days requires superhero speed.

OF COURSE... this is the city that sees the Superhero Beer Festival year-in and year-out (another laser-focused event). Perhaps diners just need to don those shiny capes and clear Sept. 21 through 26 on their calendars for prix fixe plates at eateries like the Crab Hut, Island Prime, and Poseidon Restaurant. You can look by price -- nothing tops out at more than $45 -- and you can determine if you're more famished (go dinner, with three courses) or feeling like a daytime experience (lunch offers two courses). The helpful breakdown on the site also focuses on a dozen regions around the area. (Coronado boasts seven participants.) In San Diego a little later in September. Dining out but keen to save dough? Trust the city that does that single-food fest so well. If it can raise bacon's already high profile, as it did at an August bash, it can love on its local restaurants and their daily (and delicious) fare.

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