250k+ Car Fans: Route 66 Cruisin' Reunion

Classic autos'll park for the huge (huge huge) Ontario celebration.

THE SPIRIT OF THE ROAD: If you're a fan of the automobiles that ruled the blacktop fifty or sixty years ago, and you have a very specific vehicle in mind that you favor, and it has tangerine seats, and a large hood ornament, and a steering wheel the size of a one of the wheels on the outside of the car, and the fenders are fearsome and foreboding, it can sometimes be a challenge to come across the exact auto your heart is set on. Maybe you've seen your dream machine in an old ad, or a commercial, or a film, but admiring it, or its near likeness, in person at a car show has proven tricky. While there's no guarantee you'll see it at the Route 66 Cruisin' Reunion in Ontario over the final weekend of summer, there is a very, very good chance you'll come across a car that's incredibly close. Why? This happening is b, i, g, BIG.

GLEAMING CHROME: It's "Ontario's Classic Car Show," a bumper-laden bash that draws over a quarter of a million people. (We'll wait here if you need to go read that part again.) Do a quarter of a million cars show up, too? Goodness, no -- humans far outnumber the machines -- but "more than 2,000 classic cars are expected." And that's from every decade, not just '70s muscle cars or the first Model Ts to roll off the line. So, yeah, you'll probably see something in the range of your tangerine-interiored, large-steering-wheeled fantasy.

YOU'LL ALSO SEE... "the world's largest neon light cruise" full of "specially lit vehicles" created by several participants. Tunes, eats, and a Route 66 Poker Run are part of the rev-it-up doings, too. The GTO and the Mustang get their 50th anniversary dues, too. As for that final weekend of summer? The dates are Friday, Sept. 19 through Sunday, Sept. 21. Want more Route 66? The mega exhibit at The Autry National Center, just an hour or so away from Ontario, continues.

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