3-D Day Downtown

Shorts. So many 3-D shorts. All in one day.

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We certainly can't be the first film fan to say that 3-D technology is well-suited to the short film. We like the long 3-D movie, too -- obviously we all do, given the gigantic success of "Avatar" -- but seeing a bunch of brief stories flit by in glorious multi-dimensional form has its pleasures.

Those pleasures will be found at the Downtown Independent on Saturday, May 15. That's when the 7th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival hands out the classic specs and buckles people in for an enter-the-movie ride.

The shorts start at 1 p.m. and there are two programs stretching throughout the afternoon. Then stay in the evening for a screening of Thomas Jane's "Dark Country." Thomas Jane of "Hung." He stars and directs. Like and like.

There will be awards, there will be hobnobbing, there will be a free demo on how to 3-D your own bad self.

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