300+ Ways to dineLA

dineLA publishes its restaurant list. It's a big'n.

Do serious foodies have a lit-up, all-electronic room in their homes, a la "Mission Impossible" or some other mondo-budget action-thriller?

We're picturing a floating, hologram map of the city where all the restaurants participating in dineLA glow like little green stars. There are dotted lines that suggest best routes. And maybe a calm, computerized, Siri or Hal-like voice to direct people on how to maximize dineLA's all-too-brief two-week stint.

That stint is just ahead -- Jan. 22-27 and Jan. 29-Feb. 3 are the dates -- and dineLA just published its over-sized, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink participant list.

Wait. Since the participants are restaurants, "everything but the kitchen sink" doesn't quite fit here. There are, in fact, hundreds of kitchen sinks on the list, too.

Who is there? Eva Restaurant and Short Order and Mezze and Sotto are four of the names, which is basically a fraction of the list. We're not exaggerating by whipping out the term "fraction" there; have a look.

And the deals? Why, they vary, of course, but count on three-course-y, prix-fixe-lovely specials that cost a little less at lunch (we haven't clicked on every restaurant, but if you come across a lunch deal that's more than dinner, it will likely be the exception). Short Order's dinner menu includes its now-famous, notoriously chompable Spuds and dipping goodness. Those. Are. Delicious. So delicious we couldn't write out the whole sentence in one go.

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