3/23: Rodrigo y Gabriela Go Grammy

The guitar idols strum downtown.

RODRIGO Y GABRIELA: You've watched the duo's amazing "Stairway to Heaven" video a few times, we're guessing; if you haven't, join the 5,000,000+ who have. The guitarists are at the Grammy Museum tonight, playing and discussing their work. They're on at 8 p.m.

CURT SMITH: That Curt Smith. Of Tears for Fears. He'll be at Largo at the Coronet tonight, with cellist Zoe Keating, making lovely music. Two things: How was the Wiltern TFF show over the weekend? And two: you can follow the musician on Twitter.

"HARMONY & ME": A quirked-out love story, the Cinefamily, some director-based chitchat, and Nick Offerman in person. If you like "Parks & Recreation," you like Nick Offerman, glorious mustache and all. And you best get to Silent Movie tonight.

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