365 Days of Trash: Pablo's Perspective

Americans generate a lot of trash each year.  Most of it gets picked up once a week which is a good thing.  Now there are a couple of times a year, usually after holidays, that we tend to see our trash cans overflow.  But what if we did not take our trash out for a whole year?  What would it look like?  Just how much trash would we generate and would that motivate us to look for ways to change what we do toss out?

All good questions.  Now most of us would not go to the trouble to see exactly what we toss out for an entire year, but of course we found someone to do all the dirty work for us.  We find out - does trash kept that long really smell?  How did the rest of the family react to the idea of not tossing out anything for an entire year.  Most importantly, we learn what ways the family developed to cut down on their waste each year.  You will learn some rather creative ways to do this and if that is not enough, the homeowner we spoke with has also blogged his year long experiment for all the world to see!

You can link to his blog by clicking here.

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