4/20 for Squares

Where to go to celebrate -- or not celebrate -- the winkiest of holidays.

What are you doing on 4/20?

If you're a pig-tail-sporting, gingham-wearing square such as ourselves, you're probably sitting on a park bench eating an ice cream, holding a balloon, watching bluebirds, and thinking about sunshine.

And hey: That is a-ok. (Especially if you're in gingham. Fashionistas, please bring that back.)

But others like to observe that elbow-nudge-iest of holidays in other ways. Take the Cinefamily, for instance.

The iconoclasts who run the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax? They're anything but predictable. Exhibit A? They just hosted a pheromone singles party -- you read that right -- a few weeks back. (Favorite tidbit? People had to wear t-shirts they hadn't washed for three days, in the hopes of smelling good to a potential sweetheart.)

And they're marking 4/20 in their usual film-forward, funky, stay-up-late-and-par-tee style. Now that we think about it, 4/20 does tend to show up in movies quite a bit. (You will find it referenced again and again via movie clocks, like in "Pulp Fiction.")

The theater is putting up reggae and rock reels all night at its 4/20 Allnighter. "Marley," "Rockers", and "Stepping Razor: Red X" will all screen starting at 7:30 p.m. There will be DJ sets, too, meaning the night will shake it right into the wee small hours of the morn.

If you plan on forgoing what the holiday is winkily famous for and skipping straight to the munchies, you're probably like most people. Pink's, home of the perfect midnight French fry, is only a short distance from the theater.

Hold on. Where's the official Munchies holiday? Just a pure day devoted to guilt-less salty snackage? That's for us. Does that make us rather square? And maybe a tad gluttonous? So be it. (An added benefit of wearing gingham: It hides snack food stains well.)

Calendar-makers, please get on that holiday at once. Thank you.

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