6,000 Camaros ordered so far, 84% with V8

Chevrolet has reportedly taken more than 6,000 orders for its new Camaro so far, and why not? The car is great looking, excitement is high, and fuel prices have eased up a bit. You'd think that the prior spike in the cost of fuel would still be fresh on everyone's mind, thus making the V6 a popular choice. Wrongo. While the V6 has similar lip-smackingly great styling, and won't be a slowpoke, it seems that everyone wants that small block rhythm thumping away under the hood of their neo-ponycar. 84% of orders have been for V8-powered SS models so far, which may mean a longer wait for delivery since GM is likely building a very different ratio of V8 to V6 models. Thanks for the tip, Doug! [Source: autoblog.com Read The Full Article]

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