8/11: Morning Snapshot

You've driven around Hollywood when there's a premiere going down, or major movie festival. You know the lights the size of your first car from high school. You've seen the half mile of red carpet (which is surprisingly spongy; like, we could-have-it-and-like-it-in-our-own-living-room spongy). You know the security, the limos, the dozens of people on walkie-talkies.

The walkie-talkie: Nearly symbolic of our town as the iconic Star Waggon? We think yes.

But you also know there is no driving around the major theaters -- El Capitan and the Chinese -- when the celebrity arrivals are going down. Which is why this snapshot of Brad Pitt and a be-leathered Angelina Jolie just strolling in a crosswalk to the August 10th premiere of Mr. Pitt's new film "Inglourious Basterds" delights.

Spellcheck, meet "Inglourious Basterds"; you two should do coffee some time.

So... Are those people, in the cars... We're just... flummoxed. Did they happen to be driving by? On they're way home from work? We see some phone cameras sticking out of various windows. Why wasn't that block of the Boulevard on movie lockdown? And why didn't we just happen to be running an errand in the area right then? We probably needed... a t-shirt... with the word "Hollywood" on it.

Feeling produced in us by picture: warm-smile-ish.

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