8/18: Calling Veronicas, and All Elvis Fans

ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE SUGARCANES: Perhaps you missed his whole two-concerts-in-one-day, LA-to-San-Francisco Amoeba-rocking jaunt earlier this summer. And you've been nursing that wound. Sad. Get rid of that sadness. Send it packing, and send yourself to The Greek, for a night of brilliant bardery under the cool, strangely cool for August, night sky. Lucinda Williams joins. 7:30PM

GRINDHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL: "Patrick" from 1978 and "Harlequin" from 1980 are on the August Grindhouse bill at The New Bev. Telekinesis -- wasn't telekinesis all the rage in flicks from the late '70s? -- and power and bad deeds and schlockity schlocky are to be expected. With Quentin Tarantino's involvement in The New Bev, is there a grindhousier movie house out there? We won't wonder. 7:30PM & 10PM

"DOG WHISPERER" AUDITIONS OPEN: The producers behind the much-followed-by-Fido-fans National Geographic Channel show will be making four Southern California stops. Their mission: Find humans and their pups who would make good candidates for Cesar Millan's advice. The August 18th stop: Alta Loma, near Rancho Cucamonga (other SoCal locales to come on later dates). Details here. Petco, 4-5PM 

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