8/5: Dwele Gets Soulful at Key Club

DWELE: Electronic notes, emotive love songs, and that vintage soulful feel. The Detroit singer's album "Some Kinda" provides sunset-in-the-big-city music, and beyond; and it just happens he's at the Key Club, on Sunset, after sunset, in the big city. That all just fits. 8:30PM

THE DONATE LIFE CONCERT SERIES: It's at the Americana at Brand. It's free. The time: 8PM. The person on stage: Vanessa Carlton. The Americana says this is the first in the series -- stars like Ashley Tisdale are ahead on future dates -- but we'll be happy to revisit "A Thousand Miles"; that piano bit tends to stay with us for days.

STANDING TALL KIDS COMEDY: Ever since we saw that "This American Life" with those young whippersnappers doing stand-up -- funny and moving -- we've been wanting to see tomorrow's comedians perform live. This special Improv event is putting the hilarious people of the future on stage for a night. They're probably pretty hilarious now. 7:45PM

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