8/6: Hear NoHo

HEAR NOHO: August may sizzle, but we'll call this deal even sizzle-lier. Ten bucks, a wristband, a guaranteed seat at a show, followed by entry into lots more shows (the seat's promised for the first; you may stand at later gigs). It's party night in NoHo, and Los Hollywood, plus a bunch of acts, are strumming at businesses around the Lankershim/Magnolia area. 6-11PM

HOLLYSHORTS FILM FESTIVAL OPENS: Many, many films. August 6th-13th. Filmmakers' panels, how-to chitchat, and an opening night film directed by Demi Moore -- that would be Mrs. Kutcher of Twitterland -- and it is called "Streak" -- are some movie-ish highlights. We've said before, we'll say it again: we support the short. Is there an all-shorts cable channel yet? Opening night's at the DGA; other locations vary.

CARNIVAL OF DARKNESS FILM FESTIVAL: Independent filmmakers who specialize in horror flicks gather at the Majestic Crest to try and scare the dickens out of each other, and any brave audience members who dare enter. We're not talking merely spooky here; we're talking hairs-back-of-neck-standing-up scary. If you need some cathartic laughs/screams, make for Westwood. 8PM

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