90 Holes of Golf

Need a last minute Father's Day getaway? Go golfing. Really golfing.

La Quinta

DAD'S DAY DRAWS NEAR: You, like us, are likely a longtime proponent of Father's Day. And you might hold the not-so-controversial opinion that it is a holiday that could use a few more bows and ribbons. After all, your pops? There's a reason you made him that "#1 COOL DAD!" mug when you were back in grade school. He's a good guy and probably needs a little TLC or at least R&R once and awhile. And if you think so, too, and your favorite dude is big into golf, check this out: La Quinta Resort and Club, which is just a bit outside Palm Springs, is offering a Desert Links hotel package which includes, wait for it, unlimited golf. Sure, that's impressive, but plenty of larger properties offer unlimited play. But here's the twist: Not only have famous golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman lent a hand in the design of some of the courses -- yep, they're names are on them, even -- but La Quinta Resort and Club and PGA West together boast 90 holes. So, how into golf is your Dad, anyway?

PACKAGE PRICE: The Desert Links starts at $157 a night, and that includes a $25 credit toward La Quinta's restaurants, but if your father only wants to play a round, the Great Dad Escape might be more his speed. Both packages are listed on the La Quinta special offers page, if you want to compare them side by side. And if your father is really into golf and warm temperatures, be sure to mark June 22 through 24, 2012 on your calendars; that's when Heatstroke returns to Death Valley. A golf tourney on the first weekend of summer in one of the world's hottest places? You know this is right up some wacky dads' fairways.

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