“90210” Gossip, “Juno” Too: Diablo Cody in Person

She wrote a book about her days -- or nights, rather -- peeling off feathery boa-type clothing in the clubs of Minneapolis. She's blogged about film festivals and meeting famous people. She has a pop culture-focused column in Entertainment Weekly. And now she's a faithful, lay-out-all-the-details Twitterer.

Taking that all into account, we have to believe that Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar last year for her "Juno" screenplay, will be a loquacious and delightful speaker at the Writer's Guild Foundation night devoted to chatting her up. "Juno" is probably definitely one of the topics of chitchattery, but we're guessing "United States of Tara," the Showtime drama she penned the pilot for, and "Jennifer's Body," her upcoming horror flick, will also occupy some prime Q&A real estate.

But surely talk will also turn to the recent "90210" appearance she filmed. Guess Ms. Cody made it known she was a huge fan of the original series, and the people behind the revival invited her on. We kind of missed the "90210" boat, not that we don't like that rocking theme song to bits (and have it on our iPod). That said, going on a show you watched as a younger lass must be a thrill.

Hey. Hmm. Maybe we should let all the "X-Files" and "Northern Exposure" people know we can act, in case any revivals are due. Well, no. No, we really can't act. Our mere presence on a set combined with our regrettable lack of acting chops curdles the two-percent milk on the latte cart and makes PAs crabby. Sorry, got a bit excited there.

Writers on Writing: Diablo Cody  
Thursday, February 26, 7:30-9:30PM
Writers Guild of America west, 7000 W. Third Street, Los Angeles
$20; $15 WGA

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