A Birthday Party for The King (at His Pad)

Artists pay tribute -- and fans remember -- at the Honeymoon Hideaway.

MANY WAYS TO CELEBRATE: While every day is some celebrity's birthday -- this is absolutely true, check a calendar -- there are multiple ways to honor that person, if you're a fan and honoring those creative types who inspire you is your bag. A lot of admirers might simply play a song or watch a movie to celebrate a true favorite, and die-hard mavens'll bake a cake or write a tribute post on a blog. But a few special others? Yeah, they dress up, either as their idol, or from the period when that idol reigned. Yeah, they make a special trip to attend a party. And, yeah, they probably end up somewhere significant to the person in question.

OKAY... if you just read the last few sentences and thought "Elvis, Elvis, Elvis," well, thank you, thank you very much. Mr. Presley is indeed the celebrity whose birthday gets the most play, the most press, and the most men wearing white sequined jumpsuits. Truly, can you name any famous person of the last two centuries who is honored by the soon-to-be timeless art of sparkly jumpsuit-wearing? It's rather breathtaking. And we're counting on the jumpsuits being out in full force -- or at least '60s-cool wear -- at the Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs on Saturday, Jan. 11. That's when fans'll gather to mark The King's 79th birthday.

FRANK SINATRA IN THE HOUSE: Not only will the spirit of The King's legacy be in the room, a la performer Joe Bullock, but singer Nick D'Egidio will stop by and bring a little Sinatra-style cool. Tours, friends of The King, and, yep, birthday cake are other festive features. Truly, though -- how many fans get to go to their idol's abode on his big day, to pay tribute? It's a rare treat, indeed.

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