A Blooming Forest=Get the Camera Out (Seriously)

Look, we realize we live in Los Angeles, the lush land of milk and honey where flowers abound and everything blooms, including things that you had no idea could even bloom or were even alive. (We've seen street posts sudden shoot petals, and realized, with a slack-jawed look on our face, that something was growing there.) But when there's an entire forest of one single flower, that is indeed notable, even here in sunny, plant-packed Southern California. And when that forest is only flowery a certain time of year? We have to make mention, because it is so amazing indeed.

Right now, the camellia forest at Descanso Gardens is blooming -- it always does this time of year -- and the visual is a stunner (in fact, Descanso is home to the largest collection of camellias on this continent -- major). That fancy camellia is certainly a showy blossom on its own, but put hundreds or thousands of 'em together in the same spot and you get a riot of color and wonder. It's the perfect walk for shutterbugs, and for tired-eyed people who stare at computer/television screens far too much and actually need to breathe some oxygen and soak in a serious dose of nature.

Is that you? Really, it's all of us. Go revel in a one-of-a-kind (and oh-so-SoCal sight) before sitting down to that heaping plate of nachos and the remote. The TV will wait.

Southern California Camellia Show
Through February 1
Descanso Gardens, 1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge

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