A Car That Stops Itself

At one time seatbelts were new, airbags were new, now there’s a safety feature available that will stop a car when it senses you’re about to get into a fender bender.

The new Volvo XC60, also known as “the car that stops itself,” is touring Southern California as part of an educational tour about the new feature known as City Safety.

Get inside the car, drive straight toward the white striped cones and the car automatically comes to a quick stop.

City Safety was developed because a majority of accidents happen under 25 miles per hour, according to Celesta Davis, one of the Volvo staff managing the tour. If the car senses an accident is imminent, while the car is moving under 9 mph, the car will operate 100% of the car’s brakes.

“It won’t brake until the last minute because it doesn’t want to get in the way of the driver,” said Davis. “It’s going to come in at the very last second.”

Customers are getting access to the new feature through an Experiential Tour at Volvo retailers across the country.

Where you can see the Volvo this week from 5:30 to 8 p.m. each day:

Tuesday, Feb. 3:
Carlsbad Volvo, 6830 Avenida Encinitas, Carlsbad, Calif.

Wednesday, Feb. 4:
Power Volvo Irvine, 44 Auto Center Drive, Irvine, Calif.

Thursday, Feb. 5:
Volvo of Orange County, 1400 Dan Gurney Drive, Santa Ana, Calif.

Volvo is involved in a dialogue with insurance companies regarding lower insurance premiums for vehicles equipped with City Safety. 

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