A Famous Chef Signs in Santa Monica

The French Laundry chef signs a new book.

French Laundry

Right now, this instant, would be a most excellent time to be having a lovely, three-hour lunch at The French Laundry.

We can, and do, dream. After all, Yountville, home to one of the world's most famous restaurants, is probably in the thick of a beautiful California wine country fall. The dishes on the chalkboard are assuredly seasonal. And Thomas Keller, the man behind The French Laundry, continues to be a leader in all things related to modern American cuisine.

Chef Keller is not at his Yountville landmark at the moment, however; he's on tour with "ad hoc at home," his new cookbook. And he's making his one and only Los Angeles stop at the Williams-Sonoma in Santa Monica. Time/date: Monday, November 9th, at noon.

This is the Williams-Sonoma at 1600 Montana Avenue. If you're a Kellerian, or you too wish you could just slip out of work or errands and teleport to Yountville for lunch, you'll want to make for the signing to meet a great chef.

If you just can't make it to Santa Monica, he will be headed for Costa Mesa on Thursday, November 12th.

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