A Famous Director Dishes on Famous Directors

He's know for breaking new ground on screen, especially with films like "The Last Picture Show," but Peter Bogdanovich has risen above mere "great director" status. Could be his well-known style and flair; in an age where many directors show up to the set in a sloppy t-shirt and sandals, Bogdanovich has become famous for his colorful, perfectly knotted neckerchiefs, oversized glasses and impeccable way of dressing. It could also be the fact that the man is a veritable brainiac about film history, and has met pretty much every major helmer and superstar of the last several decades, including Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant.

When there's someone who has achieved success in the film field *and* has personally known the greats, you can bet there are stories, and Peter Bogdanovich has 'em. In a day when some industry soothsayers are saying the business is lurching toward a new path and a fresh way of doing things, we find it helpful to look at filmdom's history, the people and product, from someone who was there and made the work.

All that lofty stuff aside, we'd love to hear tales of little Tatum O'Neal from the "Paper Moon" set -- was she really smoking those ciggies? -- and *all* about Ms. Streisand's star turn in "What's Up, Doc?" How 'bout it, Mr. B.?

Peter Bogdanovich
Saturday, January 10, 8PM
The Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

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