A Foodie’s San Diego June

Do you go squeeze of lemon or plain? Either way, your party is on.

San Diego Oyster Festival

OYSTER AWESOME: A lot of food-related happenings pass before our eyes on any given week, but any time we see something to do with the oyster we stop and take notice. That's for a few reasons. One? Well, we're in California, which happens to be next to an ocean -- spoiler alert -- and we feel like seafood events hold a certain sway 'round about the Golden State. But also the oyster is just one of those foodstuffs that inspires passion, either pro or con, in people, and those always intrigue. (Us? We're more in the fried oyster camp, but to each her briny-sweet own.) So with that in mind we salute the oyster and one of the largest oyster festivals in the state, the San Diego Oysterfest. It's not simply about the bivalves but about rockin' tunes too, please note, and craft beer as well. The date? Saturday, June 16.

MORE TASTY GOODNESS: There is, in fact, pretty much a major food festival happening every weekend in June down 'round about San Diego parts. So let's pause to give a little love to Taste of Gaslamp on Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10, Taste of Little Italy on Wednesday, June 20, and Taste of Adams Avenue on Sunday, June 24. What if one could just devote a month to hopping from Taste of to Taste of? Dreams. We better go prepare for some oyster eating, and this time we're really going to go whole hog on the traditional style of slurping. Wait, did we mean whole hog there or whole quahog?

ADDED NOTE: The oysters at Oysterfest hail from "British Columbia along the west coast to Mexico," so there's variety in geography. Oyster fans, we know you ask, so here you go. Happy slupery!

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