A Green Jail: Pablo's Perspective

If you missed last weekend's Go Green Expo at the L.A. Convention Center, you really missed something special. The 3-day event was full of exhibiters, displaying the latest in green building, transportation, goods and services. I was surprised by just how many people showed up over the 3-days. I met so many good people working on ways to help save the planet and came away with dozens of new story ideas - all from local companies. Look for those in the coming weeks.

But this Friday, on our Green is Universal segment, we are going to focus on something that may be the first of its kind in the country - and why someone has not thought of this before, I have no idea. In the San Francisco Bay area, one community has built the first GREEN prison for young people. The Juvenile Hall really services two purposes. First, is of course looking for ways to save energy, water and cut down on chemicals. They have done so in a big way, using natural light in many areas, drought-resistant plants, recycled building materials and solar power. But more importantly, the building is being used as an educational process for young offenders. When they get out, we may just find our future generation of green activists working to save the planet.

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