A Kingly Birthday

Rock out and remember Elvis at the echoplex.

elviscut Elvis Presley Sings

Everyone has their favorite thing about Elvis.

Even if you have multiple favorite things, we bet, if came down to it, you'd land on his big eyes or a favorite ditty or that particular Elvisian sway of hips.

Our favorite King thing? That there are so many favorite things to like. That's kind of the loosey-goosey theme of the annual echoplex Elvis Birthday Party, which gets hip-swayin' on Sunday, Jan. 8 (the 77th anniversary of the legend's birth).

Why do we say that the day is about all the great things about the icon? Because the bash isn't devoted to impersonators but rather bands paying tribute to beloved songs and styles that salute The King's own brand of hubba-hubba hunk-rock. "About 35 acts" will play during the six-hour party, which is kindly scheduled from 4 to 10 p.m. (Elvis fans have to work the next day, the better to buy all that vintage vinyl).

A few things to note. One, echoplex stresses that the emphasis is on local roots acts, not oldies bands. Good? Good. Two. Even though there won't be any Elvis impersonators on the stage, you can rhinestone-out all you like. Three? Famous people may -- that's may -- show up. Or may not. Element of surprise, et cetera.

And four? City Councilmember Tom LaBonge often shows to croon in Kingly fashion. He's done it before, multiple times. And you do remember when he sang "If I Can Dream" rather than speechifying last year? The man loves his Elvisian standards. Big ups, Councilman LaBonge. Big. Ups.

A $20 ticket gets you into the party; proceeds benefit the LA Mission.

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