A Machine Project: Field Guide to LACMA

Over 60 happenings/installations/moments/visual treats dot the Los Angeles County Museum of Art grounds like gumdrops on a beautiful cake during A Machine Project: A Field Guide to LACMA. The why? To bring art alive, to goose it, to float it into people's worlds, heads, coiffures (did we mention there will be hairstylists trimming in tandem with ambient musicians?). The when? Saturday, November 15, over ten glorious hours. The where/what/who/etc.? We're guessing all questions will be answered in due time, but if not, more questions will likely be provoked by this mondo art-meets-performance-meets-the-public extravaganza.

In short, do not arrive expecting a staid row of sculptures that you gaze upon impassively and then shuffle by; this event is hands- and eyes- and ears-on to the max. Here, a soldering workshop teaches those new to soldering -- and aren't so many of us soldering virgins, sadly? -- how to do it. There, artists pluck at invented instruments. In another area, a chanteuse interprets mid-century paintings through song, while in different part of the campus a hand-cranked jellyfish (huh; we didn't know it was possible to hand-crank a jellyfish) creates a play of shadows.

There's even a designated nap area to refresh the mind, which we are all about. Though we're not sure if we'll be able to snooze with the audio accompaniment promised. We shall endeavor, LACMA. We will certainly endeavor.

Saturday, November 15
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Boulevard

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