A New Book Looks at When Warner Bros. Was New

There's a signing of "Early Warner Bros. Studios."

Arcadia Publishing

What's your favorite Warner Bros. feature? Oh, we're not talking movies. We're talking about the physical feature, or building, you always seem to look at when you drive past the picture-making business.

Some people love the water tower (the home of the Animaniacs, of course). Some love the colorful salute to animation on the studio's main curve. We always seem to look at Stage 16, the largest of the studio's stages, when driving down Barham into Burbank. And we marvel that an ocean was built inside it for "The Perfect Storm."

Warner Bros. is and has long been an imagination-capturer, like the other major studios, and you can now become more infatuated via "Early Warner Bros. Studios" from Arcadia Publishing. It debuted in late July, and authors EJ Stephens and Marc Wanamaker are doing several local signings, including one in Century City on Friday, Aug. 27. They'll be at the Borders at noon.

All of the Arcadia books are full of rare and exquisite photos, and this one is no different. Accompanying the images will be tales from the brothers Warner, and the stars of the 1920s through 1950s who drove onto the lot to shoot films like "Casablanca." See? Imagination, being captured, already.

Can we also add that we like the little old-fashioned storefront windows along Olive? Pure, old-time Hollywoodiana. Sometimes we picture Humphrey Bogart inside, shopping for a suit. Because, it's free. And we're sitting in traffic. So why not?

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