A Presidential Presidents Day

The Nixon Library celebrates President's Day with cameos and pie.

MEET MOUNT RUSHMORE: There are a lot of interesting Presidents Day events around Southern California, but one of our favorites has become a Nixon Library tradition. Why, in particular? Well, free pie is served to the first 100 people who show up -- that always helps in the favorites-making category -- but we love it because Mount Rushmore comes to us. Or comes to Yorba Linda, anyway. Yep, the four figures depicted on the famous South Dakota treasure show up at the presidential library, in full dress, ready to talk to fans and visitors about the important role of president. That's pretty great, right? Four presidents, all at once? And for free, too?

OH, THAT'S RIGHT: There's another thing we love: The Nixon Library waives admission for Presidents Day, which is on Monday, Feb. 20. A lot of kids -- and adults, too -- have the day off, so it is a fine thing to do for families seeking an historic and yet reasonably priced way to spend the day. Oh, and about that pie? It is cherry, natch. Oh, cherry pie; you and February do go together so well. But, as we said, you'll want to arrive early if you want a slice; once the first hundred pie-eating people have their slice, that's it. You'll want to turn your attentions to loftier matters, anyway, once Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Lincoln arrive. It's on from 10 a.m .t o 5 p.m., but the special presents' talk is at 1:30 p.m.

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