A Quarter Century of Creepy Cool

The Natural History Museum celebrates 25 years of buggy bliss.

Natural History Museum

Most 25th birthdays are celebrated in a pretty big way. Some special drinks are a made, a speech is given, and party goers don a few pointy hats.

We're not recommending that the cockroaches and aphids set to attend Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum prepare any speeches or wear hats. (Because putting a hat on a cockroach? Not easy.) But we are predicting that all attendees, humans and insects alike, will be going all out on Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15. Why? It's the popular annual event's 25th anniversary.

Yep, the cook cooking up bug-based dishes will be back (bet you'll hear the word "crunchy" a lot, from those brave enough to sample). So will the dozens of exhibitors selling all kinds of multi-legged wonderfulness, both of the living and formerly living variety. And the cockroach races? Oh yeah. They're back. C'mon. Cockroach. Races.

An adult ticket is twelve bucks; a kidly ticket is less (five for the 5-12 set, eight dollars for 13-17).

And could we flit away without mentioning the "Lust in the Dust" segment of the weekend, where insect attraction will be, ehm, dissected? We want to know how a pair of smitten bugs make eyes at each other, particularly when there are like twenty eyes involved.

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