A Quick Taste of Taste of Beverly Hills

Celebrity chefs and swanky bites round out the holiday weekend fest.

When you're presented with a slice of cake or bowl of chili, how many times do you dip your spoon or fork in, "just for a taste"?

Yeah. Five times. Maybe six. Because that first bite never seems to deliver everything you need. You take another, and another, and another...

With that in mind, and to better sate curiosities, we're taking five quick forkfuls of the upcoming Taste of Beverly Hills.

1. "Unlimited Tastings for One Price." That's important, and usually one of the first questions at any food-focused fair. Do you pay with every dish and plate? Or is there one blanket fee? It's the latter. A day pass on Saturday, Sept. 4 will cost $184.95.

2. The Beverly Hilton is the main hub. The dates are Thursday, Sept. 2 through Sunday, Sept. 5. There will be many goings-on, demos, a barbecue night, with various tickets and prices. (Okay, that wasn't one taste, but three, but call them small nibbles.)

3. Food & Wine is above the festival's name here. As in the magazine Food & Wine. Not small potatoes. Rather, we'll call Food & Wine purple potatoes, flambeed, with a drizzle of rosemary olive oil and loaded with fresh herbs.

4. Celebrities will be seen. Oh my goodness yes. Ted Allen of "Top Chef" and chefly types like Celestino Drago and Kerry Simon and Ludo Lefebvre and a whole kaboodle of local sommeliers. 

5. The festival offers a number of special breakout events like The Art of Brunch. There will be mimosa-ing, there will be celebrity-chef-ing, there will be brunchy tastes from over 40 eateries. It's like a mini food fest within a larger food fest, all with a focus on things of a brioche-y and omelet-ish nature. Breakfast, you are finally getting the kudos you deserve.

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